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Episode 60 - Hygge

Episode 60 - Hygge

February 2, 2017

Thank You's:

  • Thank you to all of the wonderful people who have spoken up, in, and out with the state of our country today.

Fiber Stories:

  • I knit two pussyhats out of Cascade 220 for the march, even though I wasn't able to attend myself.
  • I knit another Hamilknit hat for a friend out of Cascade Heritage sock yarn in a cobalt blue and white.
  • I finished my first spinning since Rhinebeck: some Into the Whirled Polwarth in "Greener on the Other Side." I did a traditional 3-ply and then chain plied the leftovers.
  • I sat down with my daughter to make her Phoebe doll out of a kit from Slate Falls Press from the book Phoebe's birthday.


  • The winner of the Pistachio Ice Cream Shawl by Brenda Castiel (goodstuff on Ravelry) is Turbogal (Lisa). Congratulations! And thank you to Brenda for donating the pattern!
  • This week's giveaway is a copy of the e-book, Sherlock Knits by Joanna Johnson. To enter, please leave a comment on the Ravelry thread for Episode 60!
  • Stay tuned for next episode, I will be giving away a copy of the latest collection by Susie White and Kino Knits, Point Counter Point Volume 2.

Photography Tips:

    • I received my books from, both my Project Life album for 2016 and our wedding album. They turned out beautiful!!
    • I am continuing to keep up with Project Life by setting my alarm every Sunday to catch up for the week. I am mostly using the Project 52 Fresh kit as the backbone for this year, with many other kits sprinkled in there. I am using the Project Life app on my Android phone, though I could see it being beneficial to use a tablet instead.

Life Reflections:

  • I have had to limit myself on social media because of the level of intensity among people on both sides of the spectrum. What have you done to still stay active in your community and country, while still saying mentally healthy?
  • I have started to learn about hygge from the They Say Podcast. I have decided I need to create a space for myself to feel safe, and welcome others into this space.
  • I am continuing my journey in Weight Watchers, but I am looking for some family friendly recipes. Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you for joining me today! We'll recap February soon!

Episode 59 - New Year Knitting
Episode 58 - Countdown to Christmas

Episode 58 - Countdown to Christmas

November 23, 2016

Shownotes can always be found at Enjoy! <3

HamilKnit Tips and Tricks - Again

HamilKnit Tips and Tricks - Again

November 23, 2016

The audio cuts out on the last episode early, so I am reuploading it as a new episode in hopes this will fix the problem. Happy knitting!


The HamilKnit pattern is live! I have recorded a podcast just for this hat to help people with tips and tricks to make this hat pattern really enjoyable.

Find me on Ravelry here and be sure to tag me on Instagram as @butterflyem4 with your projects!

Pattern Info:

  • HamilKnit can be found for free on Ravelry. If you would like to contribute to the podcast in honor of the pattern, you can do so by clicking here.
  • HamilKnit is a fingering weight, stranded colorwork hat. While you can use any technique you like to knit colorwork, I recommend using the Philosopher's Wool technique for the crown decreases to minimize the floats behind the work.
  • [youtube]
  • I used Cascade Heritage Sock solids from The Loopy Ewe in "Real Black" and "Limestone." You will need approximately 35g (155 yards) of the main color, and 30g (135 yards) of a contrasting color.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Make a swatch: the gauge for this pattern is 27 st x 34 rows = 4"/10cm. The circumference is 21.5"/55cm and the depth is 7.75"/19.75cm.
  • If you would like a hat that is larger in circumference, swatch with a larger needle size and calculate what your gauge will create.
  • If you would like to add depth to your hat, add rows in between the rows of colorwork.
  • Prairie Girl Danie - knit the hat inside out to make the floats carry more easily. Danie also suggests using the Turkish provisional cast on. If you do not want to do a provisional cast on, you can use a long tail cast on and then stitch your hem to the inside of your hat.


  • Ginasetta - knit an extra 2 rows in between each of the lines of text to make the hat longer for her husband's head
  • Jasmin from the Knitmore Girls suggested using stitch markers in between the pages of the main chart to help give references
  • Color dominance -When knitting stranded colorwork with two hands, the yarn in your left hand is the dominant yarn. When knitting Continental, the yarn that comes up from the bottom is the dominant yarn. Here is a great blog post about knitting using color dominance.
  • Listen to Hamilton while you are knitting! It makes the project so much more enjoyable!

Thank you to the following people:

  • Test knitters: Prairie Girl Danie, Jasmin from the Knitmore Girls, Candy from Paws 4 Stitches, and Kim (artsluvr)
  • Bronwyn from Knitting Pipeline (Bronwyn the Brave) for being an AMAZING tech editor
  • Many, many people who have donated to the podcast in honor of the pattern
  • Kind words and comments on Instagram encouraging me to write the pattern
Episode 57 - Rhinebeck!

Episode 57 - Rhinebeck!

October 28, 2016

My apologies for the audio quality on this one. Shownotes can always be found at Enjoy!

Episode 56 - Ham4Ham Knitting
Episode 55 - Great Outdoors KAL Winners

Episode 55 - Great Outdoors KAL Winners

September 7, 2016

Clicking Away:

  • I decided to start fresh after Stash Dash with a new pair of vanilla socks for my husband out of some Opal 6-ply yarn I bought from a closeout Etsy shop. 
  • I wove a scarf for myself out of the handspun Into the World "Follow the Butterflies" yarn I won a blue ribbon for last year.
  • I started a new pair of socks out of White Birch Fiber Arts "Electric Slide" so I could have some easy movie/car knitting.
  • I knitted a hat I designed myself that was inspired by the Broadway musical Hamilton out of some Cascade Heritage Sock yarn and Leading Men Fiber Arts.


  • Jasmin surprised me with a HUMONGOUS cake to say congrats for winning Stash Dash 2016. 
  • Boston Jen sent me some fun Regia Yarn and some other goodies as a thank you for pushing her to beat us all :)
  • Danie from Prairie Girls gave me an amazing experience, catching fireflies!
  • Several of us have coordinated for the next knitalong: 

The Big, Bad Bergalong

  • Coordinated with: Michelle from Actually Knitting, Kristi from In a Sknit, Commuter Jen from Commuter Knitter Podcast, Prairie Girls Susie and Danie, and Boston Jen from Down Cellar Studio podcast.
  • We are so lucky to have the designer Melanie Berg offering our listeners a 10% discount on her patterns (self-published) starting September 15th, 2016 and ending November 2, 2016. Use the code BigBadBergAlong at checkout.

    We are also going to be working with 3 Indie Dyers for this KAL.

    Sun Valley Fibers
    There will be Free Shipping in the US for kits and special pricing on the kits that they are making up just for this KAL. You can get the same kit as I am getting or as one of the other podcasters. More information is coming, but look for a special link "Big Bad Berg-Along" on their website. Use the code BigBadBergAlong at checkout.

    Lollipop Yarns
    On September 11 at 7pm Eastern there will be an update featuring Duet and Trio kits especially for Ashbury or Quicksilver patterns. She will be offering Free Shipping if you use the code BigBadBergAlong at checkout. She will have these kits up for preview starting Monday September 5th, 2016 in the Lollipop Yarn Ravelry Group as well as on her website, linked above.

    Oh! And there will be a self-striping update on Sunday September 4th at 7pm.

    One Twisted Tree
    Danie will be offering a couple of different fall themed kits for the KAL. Check out the website for more information. My shawl will be knit out of her yarn in "Mint," "Bark," and "Seashell" and I will be knitting "All Paths Lead Home."

Great Outdoors KAL Wrap Up:

  • We had over 680 entries into the Great Outdoors KAL this year! Great job getting outdoors! If you heard your name, please PM me as EmilyStraw on Ravlery with the prize you won, along with your address if needed. Thank you for your participation! 
Episode 54 - Finish Line

Episode 54 - Finish Line

August 23, 2016

Great Outdoors KAL:

Reminder to join the Great Outdoors KAL! Visit this page to see all of the amazing prizes and see how you can win!

Clicking Away:

Episode 53 - Suddenly Sweaters

Episode 53 - Suddenly Sweaters

August 3, 2016

I'm sorry this one ends so abruptly, I had to stop and couldn't find time to come back and finish it out. But, I hope you enjoy it anyway! Thank you always for your support!

Episode 52 - Great Outdoors Knitting