Episode 7 - Super Secret Sweaters

January 31, 2014

This week I talk about knitting, spinning, advanced sweater-making, our basement finishing project, counting down to my 30th birthday, and photographing socks. I hope you enjoy it!

Show Notes:

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Knitting Supplies at Craftsy.com

Spinning Stories:

  • Painted insides of entertainment center and sides of soffits dark green/blue
  • Hopefully drywall will be finished next week!

Countdown to 30:

  • Maybe a party at our house to also be a basement housewarming party? Definitely catered by Qdoba.....

I Dream of Knitting:

Photographing Your Knits:

  • Remotes I found:



Episode 6 - Nerdalong!

January 17, 2014

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Spinning Stories:

Upcoming Events:
    • Using the Barley Hat pattern by TinCan Knits
    • Knitpicks Swish yarn
  • #nerdalong has begun! I'm starting with the Hunter Cowl by Diana Burk (pattern no longer available due to copyright) Please join me as knitting nerds unite!
Countdown to 30:
  • I've been beginning to struggle with body image issues, as I head in to my 30's I want to squash that immediately so as I grow older and change I can push those awful thoughts out of my head.
  • I want to take Amy Herzog's class Knit to Flatter to appreciate the body I have been given
  • A few changes have been made in my home to help take care of the body I have
Photographing Your Knits:

Photo courtesy of godigitalsslr.com

  • Answering a question about photographing in the snow
    • BE SURE to check your white balance! Snow often looks blue in your camera, change to the shade setting (as long as it doesn't turn the snow yellow) :-D
    • Find the exposure compensation setting on your camera. I like to adjust mine to +0.7 to compensate for the camera making your image darker. This also works for white backgrounds in general.


Episode 5 - 2013 in Review

January 1, 2014

Thanks for listening to my last podcast of 2013! I hope you enjoy it :)

**Before I get messages saying that the dates of the Ravellenics and Podcaster Throwdown are right next to each other, don't worry peeps, I got this. I tried to record a revision like 3 times but it never turned out right because I had kids jumping around everywhere behind me. I'll explain my revisions in the next podcast.**

Thank You's:

  • wildlilly (aka Joanie) is our new moderator, she has been so helpful!
  • outofthisworld (aka Marybeth) gifted me the Peeries Flooers Mittens pattern!
  • Sarah and Lydia from Oh Loops! sent in some beautiful yarn both for my stash and for a giveaway! Hooray!

Christmas Happenings

Clicking Away

Remember and Reminisce

  • New names learned like Susan B. Anderson, Cat Bordhi, Martina Behm
  • New to podcasts like Knitmore Girls and Fat Squirrel
  • First fair isle project, lace project, crochet amigurumi, enterlac, slipped stitch patterns
  • First time spinning
  • Found my local yarn store and explored others
  • total of 40 projects finished
  • My first pattern - Cadence Shawlette
  • Became a part of the knitting community in 2 knitting groups

Looking Ahead Into 2014

Upcoming Events

(Like I said, I know the dates are a bit off on this one, but I have it figured out and will update in the next one)

  • How to enter - go to the contest thread (not open until the games start) and update every day with your progress in the Ravellenics games. You can enter up to once per day, and you can enter every day during the games.


Photographing Your Knits

  • This week I share my philosophy on why it's important to photograph our handmade items. Even if all you can do is snap a quick photo in awful lighting, always, always take the photo.